Established in 2004, the World Affairs Council of Texas is a non-profit corporation in Texas that actively engages members and citizens in relating to local concerns and global issues. We aim to unite everyone in insightful and educational events that tackle current issues that affect the country, our economy, trade, technology and life itself. Through this kind of interaction among the citizens, we are able to help people to be more informed, competitive, proactive, responsible and productive—locally and abroad! 

Facts about Our Organization

The World Affairs Council is an organization designed to bring the World to Corpus Christi, and Corpus Christi to the world. It’s an often messy and frustrating world, but it can also be glorious and exciting, and in all cases is fascinating and full of interesting facts, people, and ideas. WAC is unique in that it brings some of these highly qualified, authoritative individuals to our city on a regular basis to present such facts and ideas, in a setting where we can engage them directly and individually in question and answer sessions after their presentations at the monthly luncheons. 

Depending on your level of interest, WAC also provides an opportunity to take part in smaller, more intense learning and discussion groups if you wish, but only if you wish, even arranging for leaders from foreign lands to actually visit in your homes. What other organization can make such claims? My wife Judy and I once hosted the Governor of the Iraqi Provence of Nineveh Provence in our home. It was an unforgettable experience learning first-hand the horror and heartbreak of his life in that tortured country. We had other guests, with equally gripping stories. You too could have these experiences, if you wish to do so, by participating in WAC.

Please remember that the continued existence of WAC depends on the support of intellectually engaged and curious citizens like yourself, so it’s important that you consider membership and remain…stimulated. If you feel the inclination to join at one of the higher levels of membership, do it!

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and considering becoming a member of World Affairs Council of South Texas.

- Gerald Beckman, Executive Committee

We also actively conduct the following:

Great Decisions, a group, made up of WAC-ST members who conduct discussion about various topics. The Great Decisions group receives a book with a DVD. They read the book at home and watch the DVD as a group. They then discuss the world event as a group. We are also a Council for Global Ties>U.S. a non-profit membership association currently marking 50 years of leadership in citizen diplomacy. Global Ties>U.S. serves the international exchange community and helps build person-to-person relationships "one handshake at a time."

Get Involved in a Bigger Cause 

The World Affairs Council of South Texas helps people understand the effect that international trade has on our area, and the factors that affect the local trade. Knowledge of these matters will help individuals, organizations and businesses to be more competitive in the global arena. Give us a call at (361) 241-2800 to learn more about our organization, our advocacies and how you can become a member.